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As the Unique Porcelain Enterprise for State Banquet, China Yong Feng Yuan really has "international style"

DATE:2018-04-11 PUBLISHED BY:Market Dept. FROM:Market Dept.

For China Yong Feng Yuan, the goal in 2018 is to double sales and double in 2019. The Chinese culture industry represented by ceramics will usher in a new node for development. "


With regard to the ingenuity of China Yong Feng Yuan, Huang Chunmao, associate professor of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, director of the Central Academy of Fine Arts Ceramics, and director of China Yong Feng Yuan, has more say.


While designing with respect to tradition, he went back to deconstructing tradition. In the design of several state banquets, Huang Chunmao is also a clever combination of traditional elements and contemporary aesthetics. For example, Chinese traditional wave patterns, landscapes, and contemporary aesthetic gilding techniques. Using the combination of traditional elements and modernity, the interaction between the present and the history shows the human spiritual world and lifestyle. It also makes the unique style of porcelain - fresh, clean, soft and give new changes.


The China Yong Feng Yuan's debut at the State Banquet is not only to go abroad, but also to proceed from its own development, to perceive modern aesthetics from traditional Chinese art, and to truly spread ceramic culture.


How to make China Yong Feng Yuan to show its own "porcelain living" strength, then you have to understand the real porcelain "diamond drill." Show the Eastern American culture and taste the design of contemporary masters!


Represented by china, China's cultural industry will usher in a new development node

DATE:2018-04-11 PUBLISHED BY:Xinhua Network

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