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Exploring the Opportunity of Traditional Art Linking Modern Aesthetics

DATE:2018-04-08 PUBLISHED BY:Market Dept. FROM:Market Dept.

It's known that as the leading role and organizer of the First Chinese Quintessence Brands Union Forum, China Yong Feng Yuan( China' s china ) has formed a strategic alliance with EMPEREUR Tea, Wensli Silk, Bama Tea, Wuliangye Liquor. All of them are modern China masterpieces and represent the state level.


Starting from the Silk Road, China’s national image as a porcelain gradually came to the world. Behind it is not only the practicality and artistry of traditional culture, but also the great posture as “culture of the state”. Huang Chunmao, who has traditionally encountered modern aesthetics and given porcelain ceremonies, is undoubtedly fortunate.



In this era of development, Huang Chunmao, an associate professor at the Central Academy of Fine Arts, director of the Central Academy of Fine Arts Ceramics Studio and director of China Yong Feng Yuan Design Institute, has his own understanding of Chinese porcelain culture. He used his “ingenuity” to make traditional Chinese Culture once again blooms on the world stage. In Huang Chunmao's eyes, the core of design is people. Huang Chunmao said: Every time my own design is based on my own artistic experience, it is a question of personal rituals, and it is also a respect for Chinese traditional culture and art.


With the constant innovation and development of the porcelain culture, China Yong Feng Yuan will go further in the era of Chinese traditional culture and modern aesthetics.

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