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The Porcelain of China Yong Feng Yuan Reflects not only the contemporary Chinese Lifestyle, but also the Asia' s

DATE:2018-04-11 PUBLISHED BY:China Network FROM:China Network

In China, porcelain has been associated with the Chinese civilization for a long time. Porcelain has made China a model of world art, and also influenced the world for hundreds of years.


Since then, powerful Western countries and individuals must have more porcelain artworks to show off their power. Porcelain also became a manifestation of their new lifestyle.Today, along with the development of the global economy, the Asian economy represented by China is rising further. China Yong Feng Yuan broke through in the traditional ceramic market and became a “professional household” for the state banquet.


Whether it is the G20 Summit, or the "Belt and Road" international cooperation summit forum, and then to the BRICS summit, the Porcelain of China Yong Feng Yuan has become an ambassador of Chinese culture, demonstrating the power of Chinese culture.


From inheritance to innovation, the development of Chinese porcelain is accompanied by economic development, and it still affects the way of life around the world. Behind this kind of Chinese quintessence life style is the 5,000-year accumulation and inheritance of Chinese culture, and it is also the contemporary aesthetics to keep Chinese porcelain to take the responsibility of spreading the oriental beauty.


Exploring the Opportunity of Traditional Art Linking Modern Aesthetics

DATE:2018-04-08 PUBLISHED BY:Market Dept.

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