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Enter into Yong Feng Yuan National Ceramics Exhibition Hall,experience the “Porcelain Tour”


Yong Feng Yuan Museum is a porcelain banqueting to show China's millennium ceramic splendor and best modern Chinese ceramics. The central position of the Exhibition Hall, about 1300 square meters, is the most attractive scenery of the hall. The exhibition hall is combined by two different levels of exhibition: on one hand is the Yong Feng Yuan porcelain items, on the other hand, is nine lamp stands for displaying, which symbolize Pan Gu created the "heaven". Nine flying dragons on the stands and China's magnificent rivers echo each other at a distance, incisively and vividly expressed the YFY Ceramics’ elegance and enduring charm, which would must be like a great hawk spreads its wings to present in the sky of the world culture industry. In addition, the Originality Forum Center is also pretty creative, with the bright Emperor Yellow as key tone, you can see the circles are linked one by one. The semi-circular arc shape, resembling the porcelain of YFY, makes people feel like staying in the sacred China ceramic culture world. The progressive layers of light around a circular roof expand outward, highlighting the space feeling of it, giving people a strong visual impact, the integral space is extremely shocking. Mr Liu Gesheng, the designer of Yong Feng Yuan Museum, introduced that the Originality Forum Center embodies “Between the heaven and the earth melts with ‘Round’ and ‘Square’ , also  ”as if Beethoven's ninth symphony "Ode to Joy" , reflecting the ideal state and humanistic consciousness of the world that “World is harmonious and totally the same.”

Here, you can enjoy elegant porcelain appearances and sounds, and experience a creative journey through the millennium porcelain culture essence.


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