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Represented by china, China's cultural industry will usher in a new development node

DATE:2018-04-11 PUBLISHED BY:Xinhua Network FROM:Xinhua Network

Within more than 30 years development, China Yong Feng Yuan has won wide acclaim in the industry. From product design, brand extension to international market expansion, it has served as the role of Chinese porcelain in many important international events.

President Liu Quanhui said,“ In the eyes of foreigners, China’ s ceramics and Chinese culture have now become symbols for the world. I must speak for China’ s blue flowers, endorsement of China’ s Empire Yellow, endorsement of China’ s Genuine Red, endorsement of China’ s West Lake Blue, and endorsement of China’ s Black pearl, black peony. "

" In the future, in the plans and goals of China Yong Feng Yuan, not only to build a world-class Chinese ceramic brand, but also to create a modern, national-level cultural industry demonstration base, a world-class ceramic core. "

" For China Yong Feng Yuan, the goal in 2018 is to double sales and double in 2019. The Chinese culture industry represented by ceramics will usher in a new node for development. "


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