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For the existing line of high class fine porcelain, we created the brand name auratic.

A combination of a word together with a graphic symbol. The brand name is an artificial word, not existing in any language, easy to protect under international patents.

-The 1st part derives from "aurum", the Latin word for gold 

-The 2nd part "tic" is an ending like in the word "fantastic"

-"...tic": creates a rising tone of the voice, a positive sound. 

-"...tic": is like the sound of clinking glasses 

The brand is a classic combination of a name and artwork with 3 elements. It combines calligraphic brush strokes with the mark designation.

In May of 2012, the brand of “auratic” got the certificate of “Chinese Famous Brand”


China Imperial Porcelain is a proposal for the future high-end bone china for the European market should be associated with: 

-Simplicity as a sign of discreet  understatement 

-Shiny white gold for the letters, dark blue for the words

-The big i-dot underlines the symmetry axis of the branding

-It acts like a crown on the top of the logo

-The image of high class European porcelain manufacturers like KPM etc. 

-The idea of the ancient China, the emperor's court yard 

-Pure Luxury 

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