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Bathed under infinite sunny sky, the wind propels joyful waves, dynamic in forms and wave sprays glittered with sunshine. Complemented with song of praise by sea birds, the glorious nature has promised peaceful voyage for mariners, as well its bountiful and generous bestowal for humankind, who are created by God three days later after land and sea formed

This collection is saluted to Chinese prestigious Blue-and-White art and legendary Marine Silk-Road with innovative technique. Blue-and-white pottery have been most prominent products of oceanic trade and have flourished for 4 centuries starting from 14th century and deeply influenced ceramic manufacturing worldwide. All these great accomplishment has been made by generations of mariners determined to conquer the formidable sea but always prayed for peace and calm.

Still persistent to tradition of wave design and cobalt color dominated, the skilled control of cobalt density and delicate decoration has contributes to vibrant sea with subtly layered waves. Not duplication of its predecessor, this modernized Blue-and-White collection emphasizes the simplistic elegance and exquisite distinction with glittering and rich gold decoration。

This collection has honorably served Presidents’ reception banquet in BRICS Summit-Xiamen 2017 aimed at open and inclusive economical growth and cooperation among its membership including Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa and endeavored at Human destiny communication in broader global scope.

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