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Pomegranate enjoys shared auspicious symbolization in varied cultures, prosperity, marriage and abundance, especially ripe pomegranate with seeds bursting forth to bestow fertility and prosperous offspring in traditional Chinese culture shortly after cultivated in 2th century BC in Han Dynasty.

Besides blessing of auspiciousness, this collection is daringly created with assorted black and white tone, this most classic color contrast amazingly assures this exquisite collection to be masterpiece and time endured. Pomegranate tree and fruit turn out color brilliant on white tone and peaceful calm on black tone, artistically reflects female’s gentleness and confidence in modern days. 

This collection is also deeply rooted in traditional gardening style of Southern China, which has profoundly influenced numerous art and literature in millennium. Artfully the white resembles houses and surrounded garden wall alongside black for tiles on top and harmony complimented by rock and blooming pomegranate, all elements ideally represent tranquil and blessed living and spiritual home by Chinese.

With undoubted distinction, this collection has served First Lady’s banquet in BRICS Summit-Xiamen 2017.

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